FYA Left-Turn Phasing by Time-Of-Day

TSSO Lab starts a new project, entitled “Flashing Yellow Arrow Left Turn Phasing by Time-Of-Day Development of Design and Operational Guidelines.” This project is co-sponsored by Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The research team will be led by Dr. Min-Wook Kang (PI), supported by Dr. Steven Jones (Co-PI) at University of Alabama.

2019 TRB Annual Meeting

Researchers at USA TSSO Lab attended 2019 TRB Annual Meeting, and made three (3) presentations at the conference.
Titles of the three presentations are listed below:

  • 19-00205: Determining Length of Red Intervals for Effective Protected-Permissive Left Turn Phase Operation with Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal
  • 19-03502: Drowsy Driving Advisory System: Alabama Case Study
  • 19-03050: Development and Evaluation of Traffic Count Sensor using Low-Cost LiDAR and Continuous Wavelet Transform

Below shows several photos of our USA TSSO Lab members who attended the 2019 TRB meeting.

ALSITE-DSITE 2015 Annual Meeting

The Joint ALSITE-DSITE 2015 Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 3 through Friday, June 5, 2015 at The Beach Club in Gulf Shores, AL. There were around 140 registrations, including session attendees, vendor exhibits, and guests. Many important/interesting transportation engineering projects and research were introduced in the meeting, including:

  • #URKEYS2DRV – Teen Driver Safety
  • Crash Analysis and Public Survey for Drowsy Driving Advisory System
  • Access Management at Signalized Intersections to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Congestion
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering Practices from Europe
  • MDOT Traffic Safety Program: Current Challenges and Opportunities
  • Gulf Shores Adaptive Signal System
  • Review of Data-Driven Safety Analysis Workshop
  • Fairhope’s Experiences with Complete Streets
  • Mobile Complete Streets: Our Policy in Progress
  • A Practical Approach to Complete Streets

At the meeting, Dr. Kang from University of South Alabama made a presentation, entitled “Crash Analysis and Public Survey for Drowsy Driving Advisory System.” For more information, please visit: http://www.alsite.org/alsite-dsite-2015-annual-meeting/


Graduate Research Opportunity – Transportation Engineering @ Univ. of South Alabama, Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering – TSSO Lab at the University of South Alabama (USA) invites applications for a graduate research assistantship (GRA) for a student interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) degree or Doctor Science in System Engineering (D.Sc.) degree with concentration in transportation engineering. The position is expected to begin in January 2016.

Primary roles of the graduate research assistant will be to assist Dr. Kang in developing a Roadway Congestion/Safety Improvement Tool that will allow engineers to enter roadway characteristics of existing corridors (or potential changes to corridors) and calculate crash propensity and traffic flow performance measures. The appointment will be a yearly basis (starting from 1/2016 to 12/2016), and renewal will be contingent upon the availability of funds and demonstrated performance. Click here for more details.

Graduate Research Opportunity_new1

A New Journal Paper Publication – ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol 141, Issue 9, September 2015

We are pleased to announce that a journal article by Dr. Kang and his graduate student (Mr. Salah Momtaz) has been recently published at ASCE – Journal of Transportation Engineering, Volume 141, Issue 9 (September 2015). The journal article title is “Crash Analysis and Public Survey for Drowsy-Driving Advisory Systems.” This paper discussed some research findings during the course of developing a drowsy driving advisory (DDA) system, an engineering countermeasure to reduce such crashes. Characteristics of drowsy driving crashes and relationships between the crashes and the location of rest areas were investigated through a crash analysis. For more details, please click the link above.



22nd Annual Graduate Research Forum at the University of South Alabama

TSSO Lab’s graduate and undergraduate research assistants (Salah Uddin Momtaz, Jonathan Ellzey, and Timothy Caldwell) made a poster presentation at the University of South Alabama 22nd Annual Graduate Research Forum on March 18, 2015.They introduced at the forum our on-going highway safety project, which is about “Development of Engineering Countermeasure to Reduce Crashes Involving Distracted and Drowsy Driving.”

A DDA system has been implemented on I-65 southbound (Feb. 19, 2015)

A Drowsy Driving Advisory (DDA) System developed by our research team has been recently installed on I-65 southbound between Montgomery and Birmingham with an aid of Alabama Department of Transportation. The DDA system is an engineering countermeasure designed to help drivers be aware of the risk of drowsy driving and encourage them to rest at a safe roadside (e.g., a rest area) when drowsy. It consists of a set of roadside signs with warning and advisory messages for drowsy drivers. Audible and/or visual surface treatments may be added in the system to improve its effectiveness. It is expected that the system will help in preventing crashes involving drowsy driving.

DDA System_Post_TSSO Lab website